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Online since: 4th May 1998 (archived on 31st May 2011)
Original name and idea, programming, graphics, text, etc.: Ralf Wunderlich aka Dub Rogue aka Drogue aka Dr. Ogue (except where elsewise stated)
Language of the website: English
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Dub Flash
c/o Ralf Wunderlich
Eichkatzweg 48
14055 Berlin


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The company Dub Flash Records* is out of business. Hence, there is no information presented here anymore.

Note: You are not allowed to steal or hotlink our content, even if this website is only archived. Ask me in advance for permission if you want to use any parts from this website (e. g. photos or text). I usually give my OK if you add a link to www.dubflash.com on your page(s). Tell me when the page(s) is/are up so that I can check it/them. Thank you.

*Dub Flash Records was part of the "Andromeda Deep Space" conglomerate which consisted of Dub Information Portal (DIP), Dub Flash Records (DFR), Firefly Promotions (FFP), Outer Space Dub Xpress Webshop (OSDX), Dub Flash Webshop & Distribution (DFW), Dub Flash's Dub Mash Radio Show (DFDM), Sell Out Productions (SOP), Whimsical Music (WM), Shackwit Records (SW) & Dubby Dog Productions (DDP). The incorporated supervisory board of this exploitative and aggressive working business, which's goal was to downpress the planet's inhabitants by the sole use of DUB, are Ralf Wunderlich, Antti Mäkeläinen, Prince Nepomuk 23rd, Leopold B. Stotch (Professor Chaos), Stanley Smith, Timothy Eemili (Pasadena Grande), SpongeDub SquareDance feat. SquiDub Tentacles & The Bikini Bottom PatrickStars, The Boba Fett Warriors, The B-Side Avengers, Zam Wesell (R.I.P.) and Jah (Unfug). The head office can be contacted the following way: PO Box NGC 752, Andromeda Galaxy, Outer Space. Not.

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