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Below you find some basic information about the different Dub Flash ventures. Everything in just a few words. For the lazy people and hobby dyslexics.

Dub Information Portal (DIP): (04.05.1998 - 31.05.2011)
This was the original Dub Flash. The VERY FIRST Dub website on the internet ever! Yes, I am a bit proud of that. It started very small, but Jah Warrior encouraged me to expand, thanks for that. Back then I needed to learn HTML, because there was no WYSIWYG and shit. I wrote more than 700 record reviews, concert & party reviews, dub-related news, had a massive link directory, hosted media files (long before Rapidshare and co.), offered artist and label discographies before Discogs came along... These were the days. At some point, it becamse way too much work (more than 300 reviews in the to-be-reviewed-queue), therefore the DIP is past. Visit.

Dub Flash Records (DFR): (still running)
After 5 years, Dubcreator wondered why I do not start a label and offered me a hit tune for that. Hence, DFR was born. Two main series were presented: The "Dub Splitz" series featured two different artists on two sides and the "Dub Shoe" albums were meant as fun. The label has developed and is still running, but only as a hobby nowadays. Visit.

Dub Flash Webshop & Distribution (DFW & DFD): (final sale)
It started with a free record gift from Fried Records. Following that, I tried to offer a selection of dub releases which would be hard to get elsewhere. The shop grew and Dub Flash became a distributor. I dealt with labels and record dealers throughout the world, up to Japan, Brazil, Australia. I always had low prices, but high quality service. In all these years, only one small order got lost. From 2007 to 2009, the distribution job was so big, it became my main job. But then in 2010, from one day to the other, sales dropped immensly and it never really eased off afterwards. Thanks to the few loyal customers that I had. It was people like you for who I did it. Visit.

Dub Mash Radioshow (DFDM): (on a break like Ross & Rachel)
The "Dub Mash" radioshow was a live show format which aired on Oi fm, a local radio station in Eastern Finland. The target group were casual listeners who did not know anything about Dub. So I gave them some Dub School lessons with certain topics. Always with announcements. After I moved back to Berlin, the show continued irregularly as guest features for other programs. Later, I was back on air on Oi fm for about two more years, before the last shows were exclusively produced for the Dub Flash website only. I always had fun doing the show, but I just don't have the time for it anymore. All previous shows are archived here.

Dub Flash Sound (DFS): (08.04.2004 - 21.08.2010)
In order to explain the people my view of Dub, I started as a DJ. No, that's bollocks. Come again: I spinned records since 1994, back then under the name "Dieb in Dub". I also played bass guitar in a live band since I was 14, so I was always some sort of stage guy. ;-) But it never occured to me to become the "Dub Flash Selector" until Lhuger from Intergalaktik Sound invited me to Finland for a little tour in April 2004. The rest is history. You will find info (still plenty of stuff to be added!) about my past live trips including recordings, photos and more around here.

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