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Title: Mutan Records V.S. Robots
Label: Mutan Records
Catalogue Number: Mutan-006
Format: LP
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Result: Dubflavored music
Review date: 2007-12-21
Detailed review:
Mutan Records is a small record label from Southwest Germany which focusses on electronica-music with a dubby touch. Downbeat might be one expression for it. In any case, it's not reggae music but their previous output sounded very nice so far, for example the "Once Upon A Dub" 12" from which some very last copies are available in our webshop.

Their latest release is a 6 track strong LP which I would describe in one word - if for some reason I would have to do that - as trippyelectrodopydubbychilloutbeatesque. What a word. This album is not for reggae fans but for people who are also interested in different music styles which are more or less dub influenced, this album should be recommended. Even Dubstep fans might find something of interest here.

The featured artists are more or less unknown to most of you, I suppose: Gomo Park opens the record with a very relaxed and laid-back jazz-alike trippy tune which causes two impressions in me: 1. Sunday afternoon and 2. the Ghostbusters movie. Now, I have no clue why the latter, is there a similar sounding song in the soundtrack maybe? At least, a certain part of it? I don't know.

Monojo & Deborah continue with some kind of sophisticated (German word, that I mean: mondän) instrumental (strings-oriented) backed by some sort of 2step (not that I would know how 2step sounds as I have already forgotten that such music once existed) and vocal fragments.

Dub Rogue provides the full "Andromeda" riddim, a heavy stepper from outer space, laid in the Dub Flash Studios. Hebrew (is that so?) vocals are provided by Orly from Blondub Sexy Sound who is located in Israel. The tune starts meditative and slowly progresses to a driving stepper, stripping down to drum & bass at the end. The tune had to be mastered a bit more leightweight than it originally was because the bass was too heavy for a vinyl pressing. ;) It was originally planned to stay a dubplate but now it's finally available for everyone. Well, everyone is relative in this case, as the record is strictly limited to only 250 copies for sale!!!

On the B-Side, Ketsa (not ketchup!) comes with a wonderful tune for which I just cannot say what music it is. It reminds me a bit of some mid-90s music by The Orb or similar. I recall some cool musicvideos on MTV back then. "Reach" is kina like that, just even more meditative-relaxed. Encym continues with "Tief Dap" (see, children, this is why you should go to school and learn how to read and write, so that you know that Dub is written like Dub and not like Dap ;) ), another downbeat-electro-tune which actually is more a down-electro-tune as it doesn't have a real beat. It's more some sort of music patterns mangled together. Art-music... ;)

The final tune from the label's mastermind Tokyotower then is my absolute favourite. It's a wicked remix of the classic KLF hit "What Time Is Love". All I want to say about this tune is that it rocks. Think of Fatboy Slim or The Chemical Brothers, just better. :)

Apart from the music, there are three more reasons why you should get this record. 1. As already said, there are only 250 copies available out there (and I don't know how many of these are already gone), 2. The LP comes with a nice cover layout (who sees something familiar on the front cover?!) and 3. you get three different writings of my Name in three lines: Dub Rogue, Dub Rougue and Dub Rouge. Now, that is something unique and rare. Get the album now!

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