A Look Back on the Original Dub Information Portal
Status update: Archived on 31.05.2011
Unfortunately, every nice journey has to end some time. Therefore, Dub Flash's original Dub Information Portal is archived as of 31st May 2011.

Last steps to completion: 1. The photo section. 2. The video section.
This is what is left from the ORIGINAL Dub Flash. For many years, this was the main ingredient and main intention of Dub Flash. But then came the label, the distribution and so on and the hobby changed to a business and everything kind of got out of hands and became too much to handle. Therefore I had to leave the DIP behind. It also became obsolet as nowadays everyone is able to have their own web presence in one way or another.
In the left navigation you get some archived content. I know it's not very interesting to read dub news from 1999, but this is an archive after all. A history lesson, if you will. Most websites just go offline at a certain point. Dub Flash at least leaves some sort of heritage: 735 record reviews. A pity I didn't make it to 1.000, but when I stopped I had more than 350 reviews in the queue. Crazy how many releases suddenly saw the light of day. When I started I was glad if there was a dozen decent releases per year.
The DIP went online on 4th May 1998, back then with very little content, maybe 5 or 6 HTML pages in total. I still don't know how Jah Warrior found my page and gave me hints on what to do with it. The reviews and news were always the main ingredient. In the early years, I also interviewed artists and wrote concert & party reviews, but I took off that content longtime ago. I always had an extensive link directory. But this became obsolete with Web 2.0 and especially Google. Think about it: When I started, there was no Google. The main search engine back then was Altavista. Look at them now. At least, they still exist.
I also hosted media files long before hosting services like Rapidshare or pages like Versionist or Talawa saw the light of day. This archive only features selected photos and few videos though. I took off all music files. The photos are actually very special. They were taken by a former co-worker of mine during the late 70s to early 80s. You find them nowhere else. I'm still very proud of this collection. One photo of Prince Far I later even made it on a LP. Thanks, Norbert.
Well, that's it then. The very last sentence of the "Dub Information Portal": 13 long years... It was kind of fun, and it was for sure an experience, an adventure and an important part of my life. R.I.P.D.I.P. ;)
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