Welcome to the DUB FLASH (record label and more)

Dub Information Portal: Archived in 2011 after 13 years of record reviews, news, interviews...

Dub Flash Records: Started in 2003 and is still active, but just for fun. Check the release-info, videos, MP3s and more.

Dub Flash Webshop: from 2004 to 2012. Rest stock and new items every now and then are sold via our Discogs-store.

Dub Mash: our radio show started in 2007 and is still active, however: not regularly anymore. Archive online.

Dub Flash Sound: First show in 1995 as "Dieb in Dub". Since 2010 continuing mainly as MoonBass Hi+Fi.

Dub Flash - since 1998. A tribute to "the all uniting music, the only, the one: Dub!"

Thanks to all the good people who I have met throughout the years.

To all friends. Supporters. Fans.
True Dubheads.

Dub Groupies. Followers.
Sympathisers. Synthesisers.

Note that everything on this website
is written in the past tense.

This is intentional, so that if in 25 years from now someone finds this page, he or she (or even it, who knows) immediately knows that he/she/it reads about something great that happened in the past.

I hope you get what I mean. ;-)

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